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December 12, 2008



What about Doostang? When you're company name means "shit stain" in the Urban Dictionary, you're in trouble, not too mention the fact is completely nonsensical. ;)

Russ G

My "favorite" from the list is Shryk because I like Shrek, but my write in name is "oDesk". It reminds me of the o-face line in Office Space and even though I use them, the name is so boring that it is hard to remember.

Phillip Davis

Alexandra- My vote would be for Amway's invented/corporate name Quixtar. Talk about a head scratcher. Is the "x" supposed to be pronounced like a "ck" or an "xs" or is the "s" simply implied? To read it literally it would sound like "Quicks + tar." Invented names can work, but they shouldn't require a pronunciation guide. They do get credit though for having the exact matching .com domain name -- which might explain why they chose it.

Laurel Sutton

Ooh, tough choices! I think I'd have to go with Cuil - it launched with a lot of press, but the name is still impossible to figure out how to pronounce if someone doesn't tell you. Also, their backstory for it (that "cuil" means "hazel") is sort of true, in the same way that "M is the next letter after A" is sort of true.

Pete Leonard

My vote is for (against?) Shryk - A person would never be able to just say it, it would always have to be spelled. Seeing it written gives no clues as to how it should be pronounced. It has nothing whatsoever to do with banking (or anything else for that matter) and ... what can you do with it from a word play standpoint?

Shryk = epic fail
What an awful name!

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