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December 07, 2007


Matt Brezina

Awesome, we are the #1 head scratcher! It is funny how much press we've gotten just because of our name.

The pronunciation is still hard for me, but the spelling is easy once you know the etymology, and you never forget the etymology once you've been told once.

We'll see how it works out for us. Wish us luck!


Robert Einspruch

I feel like we have arrived! For the record, ziizoo is the Anglicization of a Dutch phrase. I have yet to see a company fail because of their name - usually start-ups fail because of under-funding, flawed business model, or failure to execute the technology/marketing strategy.

It seems like the blogosphere is more concerned with names than actual users are (or at least our users are). Be sure to tell Steve Jobs how stupid "Apple" sounds - I think personaldesktopandlaptopcomputercompany.com sounds a lot better ;-)

Robert Einspruch
Founder, ziizoo.com

Robert Einspruch

Wow - I guess we have been officially discovered. I haven't heard of too many start-ups failing because of odd names. It seems like those in the blogosphere care more than users do (or at least more than our users do!). I bet Steve Jobs is probably wondering if the link between the word "Apple" and "hip, easy-to-use, elegant consumer electronic devices" is clear enough ;-)

Robert Einspruch
Founder, ziizoo.com

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